Purchase Policy

Last updated 15 April 2023.

1. General

The following terms and conditions apply when you as a customer (”Customer” or “you”) purchase a ticket or membership from an organizer on Coral (”Organizer”) through the platform provided by Coral AB (the ”Platform”).

2. Purchases

Ticket purchases and membership fees are binding and can not be undone or changed. Liquid funds you pay are received by Coral on a client account and are thereafter forwarded to an account designated by the Organizer. A lost ticket or voucher will not be replaced.

3. Tickets and vouchers

Tickets and vouchers contain a security function applied by the Platform and only allow one entry or usage. You have the full responsibility to store and protect the ticket or the voucher in a safe way, both electronically and physically, to prevent duplication, other amplifications, or other ways to contribute to improper access to events or use of value.

4. Personal use

Tickets may only be purchased for personal use and may not be used for commercial purposes. This means that the ticket may not be resold or in other ways used by another person.

5. Personal data and consent

When you make a purchase on the Platform, you accept that the Platform stores and processes the purchase information and personal data you provide in accordance with Coral’s Privacy Policy.

Your purchase information and personal data may be shared with the Organizer from which you made the purchase. In this event, the Organizer is bound to store and process your data in accordance with Coral’s Terms of Service. By making a purchase on the Platform, you accept that the Organizer stores and processes your data in accordance with these Terms of Service.

You can at any time contact the Organizer or Coral and request:

  1. a report containing information about the data processed by the Organizer or Coral;
  2. that any errors or outdated parts of your personal data get corrected;
  3. that processing of your personal data is restricted, and;
  4. that any personal data you don’t want to be processed is removed.

The request should be in writing. Coral can be contacted at privacy@coral.tech.

6. Canceled event

The customer has the full responsibility to control if the event is canceled or moved to another location. In case of a canceled event, the customer should immediately contact the Organizer, that is responsible for refunds of the tickets. In case of canceled events, there will be no refunds regarding payment-, insurance-, service-, or delivery fees.

7. Force Majeure

In those cases where the delivery and fulfillment of the purchase can not be performed due to obstacles beyond the Organizer's control, which can not reasonably be counted on when the contract was concluded and whose consequences they reasonably could not have avoided or overcome, the Organizer is free from liability and other sanctions.

8. Responsibility and liability

The Platform acts merely as a mediator between Organizers who sell and Customers who buy. As such, Coral can not be held responsible for the implementation, quality, content, or other flaws regarding the service purchased, such as a canceled event, bankruptcy, crimes, or other circumstances. Coral can neither be held responsible for any damages caused by disturbances in the Platform, delays, interruptions, or other circumstances that complicate or disable the usage of the Platform. When you make a purchase, you agree to comply with Coral’s Terms of Service, which lists the full limitations of responsibility and liability of Coral.

All questions regarding refunds or demands because of the event and its implementation or flaws should be directed to the Organizer.